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The Fashion Model

Skirts are a garment very functional and versatile. They come in various styles and can be worn in all seasons and all bodies.The skirts fit properly to all women if taken into account several considerations.

1- Material on the slopes

It is preferable to wear skirts of materials that do not adhere to the skin in the most problematic as the hips or thighs. The material has to fall without forming horizontal lines of the hip.

2 - Length

The length is most flattering to the knee. If you are short is best used until arrive in knee high and if you prefer you can use them longer until the end of the knee. Very long skirts make the person look less high, avoid it if you're short.

3 - Material Design

Like any careful with fabrics with horizontal lines because they create the illusion of more weight.

Styles skirts

There are a lot of styles of skirts, between the popular are:

1 - Straight line or tube skirt

It looks good to most people and is a classic style.

2 - Line Skirts A.

It's a very flattering style for all figures especially for people with wide hips. It's flattering because they mark the waist and create a feminine silhouette.

3 - Bell skirt

It fits in the hip and then has volume as the line is not straight A, but only as a bell. It is flattering for all sorts.

4 - Skirt stuck

This is the skirt of the sexy secretary. It is straight but will conform to the body. Not conducive to people with legs, thighs or hips thick and people with protruding abdomen.

5 - Pleated skirts

If the folds are glued (sewed) to the hip this skirt is very flattering. If the folds open from the waist adds a lot of volume and is best avoided. These skirts were common back in the 50s and 60s. A similar skirt with the same risks as the skirt is gathered.

6 - Mini Skirts

Miniskirts Using certain care must be taken as may make the person look thicker. You have to have good legs and good skin on the legs.

Looking like a model

The models are the very image of glamor and elegance and you can see one of them. The term model is very broad. Our models are skinny, chubby models, tall models. In general there are certain characteristics that any model you have and are the desired ones, when we want to look like a model.

A model has confidence in herself

Trust can pretend to develop it first but it is preferable to accepting your body and face. This is achieved in various shapes and discuss them next. Without trust the image of the model can not be achieved.


The correct posture is essential to see smart and show confidence. By having good posture we are more tall and slender or conversely poor posture makes us see more short and plump.

A good body

There has to be thin but has to be well cared for. Even more plump models are careful not to gain more weight and have a strong body. To have strong body needs exercise.The care of the body including nails in hands and feet in good shape and smooth skin. Do not expect to lose weight to look good, start where you are. There are models in all sizes.

Clothing & style

The models learn a lot of style be surrounded by designers and stylists. They create their own style, which is generally casual but sophisticated. Most models mix their clothes and create unique sets and appropriate for your lifestyle. Do not be afraid to experiment with clothes, a lot of testing you find your style clothes, dress by looking like the people you most admire in magazines or real life, adapts to your style looks.Styles of Shoes for your body type, foot and leg. The style of the shoes can accentuate your good points of your legs or focus negative points. What is right for you?

If you have thick calves

The shoes become an extension of your legs, creating the illusion of longer legs and calves more balanced. To achieve this effect you can use short boots, sandals with back strap open in front, albeit heeled shoes boy. The heels have to be middle term prevents too thick or thin heels.
Avoid shoes with straps in front that accentuates the calf and make them look thicker. The mid-calf boots, shoes with wedge heels (triangle) and platforms do not favor.
If your feet are big and long
Avoid shoes with tip styles because they will make your feet look bigger.
If your legs are thin
Has the opposite of the tips for thick calves. Be careful with your high heels, they have to help create balance some see if they are too high can make the calves look thinner.

Short people

The heels are good allies but without exaggeration, the lower limit is your height but the height of the heels (using clothing) because the proportions and the gap looks funny person. Shoes 2 inches (5 cm) are suitable for all people, you can use higher but ask a friend like you view them.If you wear flat shoes wear clothes that lengthen your body. The colors of shoes similar to your skin like the beige create the illusion of longer legs and more stature. Shoes with straps to the front cutting height can be used if they have high heels. The toe shoes (if your feet are small or normal) tend to extend the leg, we favor.

Boys feet

The add-toed shoes at the foot size. The thick-heeled shoes and square-toed square rob size (optical illusion).
Avoid shoes with tip styles because they will make your feet look bigger.
Add a touch of elegance to your dress wardrobe in the LifeStride Celine dress slingbacks. Smooth or reptile-embossed faux leather upper in a dress slingback style with a round peep toe. Features Mary Jane style strap with buckle, slingback strap features elastic goring panel for optimal comfort. Smooth lining and cushioned insole. Traction patterned outsole. 2 1/2 inch heel.

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